Video Montage

The video montage is an economical and entertaining means of organizing your photos and/or videos. It's ideal for preserving your memories, vacations, special events or your family history. It's perfect as a showcase for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anniversary and birthday parties, graduations or celebration of life receptions. No wonder it's one of our most popular choices.

Prices start at $130 for a montage approximately 4 minutes in length, consisting of about 60 images. Montages longer than 4 minutes will be charged at $25 per additional minute.

I can also prepare your video for the Internet, allowing you to easily share it with family and friends around the world. Upload it to YouTube, Facebook or MySpace pages - or Frasier Post Productions can host it on our web server and provide you with a link to share. Contact us for a free quote.

Video Tape Transfer

Get rid of that old VCR and those video tapes before they break, stretch or otherwise fail and you lose your memories forever. I can easily and affordably transfer your videotapes to a long-lasting DVD.

Pricing starts at $15.00 per tape and includes a labeled jewel case and labeled DVD. Additional copies are available at $10.00 per disc.

Sports Videos

I create a variety of sports products. From individual or team highlight videos, which are ideal for showing at banquets or as gifts to the players, to recruitment reels to send to coaches or scouts. I can help you preserve those great sports memories.

Photo Album

The photo album is similar to the montage, but includes only pictures, certificates or 35mm slides. It does not include video clips or special effects. Unlike the montage, however, the photo album does include all images as .jpg files that are suitable for printing, emailing, screen savers or wallpapers.